Studio Gang: Architecture

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Studio Gang

Jeanne Gang
Mohsen Mostafavi
Ann Lui


English edition, 2020
French edition, 2021

Neil Donnelly


"How might we leverage and expand on the creative, collaborative nature of the profession to together shift societal values toward a more balanced and thriving planet? And what will the architecture that we produce through this process be? These are the questions that drive our practice forward. Our first twenty years of answers are collected in this book."

—Jeanne Gang

Studio Gang: Architecture is a new monograph that captures twenty years of the Studio’s visionary pursuit of bold, optimistic architecture that engages the urgent social and environmental challenges of our time.

Showcasing twenty-five projects, the book is organized into six thematic chapters—Rhythm, Flow, Toward Terrestrial, Up in the Canopy, What Are You Made Of?, and Beyond Transparent—that together reveal the driving interests and resonant concepts that connect the Studio’s work.

Short essays by Jeanne Gang introduce each chapter, illuminating the deeper intellectual questions at the heart of each theme. Further reflections are provided by Gang’s Introduction essay, a foreword by Mohsen Mostafavi, and a conversation between Gang and Ann Lui.

A rich variety of visual material—including sketches, drawings, photography, and process imagery—helps to bring each project to life, offering new insight into the Studio's best-known buildings like Writers Theatre, Aqua Tower, and the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, as well as major upcoming projects such as the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation at the American Museum of Natural History, the Global Terminal at O’Hare International Airport, and the University of Chicago Center in Paris.



The Site Magazine — "Studio Gang's 'Actionable Idealism'"

"Studio Gang makes aesthetically-striking, intellectually rigorous buildings and landscapes. An affinity with nature, an ostensible emphasis on wildness, runs through the meticulously designed civic buildings, urban landscapes, skyscrapers and temporary installations created by the 20-year-old Chicago-headquartered practice lead by architect and MacArthur fellow Jeanne Gang."


Cultured Magazine — "This Reading List Doubles as a Father's Day Gift Guide"

"Studio Gang’s new monograph . . . models how firms can break this boundary with a legible catalogue that strings together the important milestones without leaving anyone behind."


Studio Gang Publishes New Monograph with Phaidon

Published by Phaidon, Studio Gang: Architecture is a new monograph that captures the Studio’s pursuit of bold, optimistic architecture through an in-depth exploration of 25 signature projects and the resonant concepts that connect them.


Phaidon — "Watch Jeanne Gang Tell You About Her New Book"

"After all, as we all know, to experiment is to take risks, to open oneself to the vagaries of the unknown and the unpredictable. A bit like cycling through the streets of Chicago perhaps? One thing's for sure: without experimentation there is no discovery; and Jeanne Gang, who founded this New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris-based practice twenty years ago, has discovered a lot."


Studio Gang: Architecture - Rhythm

⁠In a short film illustrating recurring themes of pattern and rhythm in Studio Gang's work, Jeanne Gang highlights one of the threads of inquiry explored in Studio Gang: Architecture, a new monograph published by Phaidon.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Flow

In this short film, Jeanne Gang discusses how Studio Gang's projects take both a scientific and artistic approach to exploring the processes and properties of flow—the second thematic chapter in an upcoming monograph published by Phaidon, called Studio Gang: Architecture.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Toward Terrestrial

As Jeanne Gang explains in this short film, the third thematic chapter in Studio Gang's upcoming monograph with Phaidon, Toward Terrestrial, is made up of projects where architecture learns from and merges with nature.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Up in the Canopy

In Up in the Canopy, Jeanne Gang describes the biological diversity and enigmatic experience of the treetops—and how architecture can learn from it.


Studio Gang: Architecture - What Are You Made Of?

In What Are You Made Of?, Jeanne Gang describes the deep interest in materials and making that runs through Studio Gang's work.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Beyond Transparent

In the final chapter of Studio Gang's new monograph with Phaidon, Jeanne Gang asks what new kinds of glass architecture become possible when our ambitions expand beyond transparency and embrace “a culture of care.”⁠