A Visual Inventory of Salvaged Materials for the Ford Calumet Environmental Center

Originally documented for the Studio’s Ford Calumet Environmental Center project, which imagines repurposing solely abundant local materials, this visual inventory points to the wealth of resources that can be diverted from the waste stream and to a necessary future in which architects shape the built environment in ways that reuse and recycle rather than deplete.

Sorted copper bundles
Aluminum pipe, various diameters
Corrugated copper tubes
Copy machine rollers
Grillage from stamped metal plates
Stainless steel discs
Solid steel rod, flash rusted
Solid aluminum sections; machine parts
Uncoiled electrical copper cables
Galvanized steel wire
Radiators from automobiles
Reclaimed wooden timber
Brass stamped plate and rod
Aluminum juice and soda cans
Trimmings from flat copper sheet
Bundled steel highway signs