International New York Times — “The Greening of Architecture”

Jeanne Gang

The International New York Times


For the inaugural issue of the International New York Times, Jeanne Gang joined some of today’s top architectural minds in divining the future of the field. 

Her contribution speaks to the need for greater transparency within the building materials industry.

“Digital technologies have provided architecture with liberating design tools that have yielded novel forms and fabrication methods. In the next few decades we will witness designers expanding their use of technology in ways that will make architecture greener and more responsive to its users. At the city scale, design will move toward systemic solutions rather than one-off, resource-draining projects. On a smaller scale, perhaps more profoundly impactful, there will be a move toward greater transparency in building materials. Just as the labeling revolution has transformed the food industry, declaring the content of building materials and the chemicals used in their production will change the way we design and choose the environments we inhabit. This will lead to large-scale change that will improve the health of the planet.”